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Inner Wisdom

The Wise, Gracious Observer

A weekend to make contact with our inner wisdom. The presence of being, which allows us to observe, explore and permit.
The inner wisdom of being is the opposite quality to our inner judge, who we allow to live in us. He manages to criticise us in all sorts of ways, to bring us down, compare us with others and to play God by telling us what is right and what is wrong.

If we believe the inner judge, he then forces the 'show' to play on in us. If you too readily identify with this mechanism, it often has the effect of isolating or 'putting in a box' your reaction to the criticism, e.g. submission or defiance. True potential and destiny is much wider and bigger than  living life from this tiny box of reactions.

Using meditation and consciousness exercises we learn to find the gracious and loving presence of inner wisdom in ourselves. She is the true representation of the divine authority of being.
She is gracious, gentle, loving, clear, expansive, observant and illuminating and is the true guide and healthy wise adult in us.

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