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Kamadevi M. S. Scheuffele is also happy to visit you.
If you would like to organise a venue and have sufficient participants,
everything listed in the calendar can also be arranged to take place
at a venue of your choice.   Is there anything you would like to ask?

Spring and Summer 2016 in DIVINE ALIGNMENT®


Evening Courses

Heart & Hara for inner Centering   more...
Meditation Techniques for Everyday   more...



The meditative Practices of the Mystics
- Discourse about interreligious understanding:

Presentation and experiencing various meditative techniques of different cultures and seeing there cross points and as well as the uniqueness of each stream.

This is a wonderful way to meet the different methods of purifications through prayer, chanting mantras and sutras and zikr, dance and meditations to land in our divine being and extistence.
This evening is a good possibility to practise religious tolerance and gratitude in this intensiv and
challenging times of mankind.



Thursday 10th March 2016, 19.00

Course Location

Studio in Ulm

Frauenstraße 50

D-89073 Ulm

Interested ones are welcome, please comfirm your coming by phone : 49-(0)173-9147693


Ongoing Training

DIVINE ALIGNMENT® with Essences   more...