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A Quest for Lively Spirituality

DIVINE ALIGNMENT® is a direct, down-to-earth system for living and experiencing spirituality - an exciting and transparent practice which can be integrated into all aspects of our lives.

Life is not a misery
it is a mystery to be lived.


Divine = of God

Divine Alignment creates a cogent framework from which you can develop your consciousness to return to and anchor in your natural divine presence.
Once you have this contact, you can experience your precious soul star and yourself as a light being - your individual divine self.
From this base you can follow your own calling and path.

Alignment = Position in Line... to be centered on the body's inner axis running between heaven and earth

Being or existence arises from the meditative inner at the center of our inner axis. This connects heaven and earth and in between are the three centers of the head, the heart and the hara.

  • A clear and peaceful mind thinks inclusively and constructively...
  • In our hearts we find the unifying human qualities of compassion and love ...
  • The wellspring of life flows from the hara which is four finger widths below the navel at the centre of your body. This is home to the calm state of consciousness of being one.

The centres are like gateways to the worlds of the mind, the heart and the hara from where your soul star can shine and where you can create strength and fresh impetus, integrate forgotten sharings and gifts; discover, explore and develop them.

You can integrate your whole potential into your existence and from that state of being unfold, open and grow as a human being.
The Practise of DIVINE ALIGNMENT® is a practical tool and method of centering.   More...

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