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Transformative, Integrative Development of Consciousness

'Live and Express Yourself from the Inner Centre'

The meditations and the body and energy work of Divine Alignment center us in our inner being, allowing us to feel entirely at home and to find expression for this sense of well-being and to integrate it into our everyday lives.

During the process of consciousness development, the vital qualities of life are re-discovered, examined and developed. From this healthy inner source, we learn to nourish ourselves, to anchor ourselves in being and from that base to live life.


The trust-building and empowering process allows us to release ourselves from old adopted traits which have caused us to lose ourselves. Old conditioning can melt away in this state of loving mindfulness. The richness of colourful essences, presences and the qualities of the inner centre can flow again into our whole human existence and take effect.

In this way we can gain trust in the true nature of being.

We can reach our full human potential, return to our true natures and open our arms to the full celebration of life.
In this transformative, integrative development of consciousness incorporates the essences work of Diamond Logos by Faisal Muquaddam.

The development of consciousness is fostered and encouraged as:

  • A return to and integration of consciousness
  • A centering, stabilising trust in the heart and hara
  • A relaxed state of well-being of the body, the temple of your soul
  • Being your own good parent
  • Being safe in your own love
  • Courage to love, the joy of the heart
  • Compassion, gratitude and love
  • The shelter of inner peace
  • Your inner wisdom
  • Being a light for yourself