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Applied Practice of DIVINE ALIGNMENT®

The tools involved in DIVINE ALIGNMENT® include:

  • Meditation
  • Transformative, integrative development of consciousness
  • Psychic, centering body and energy work with massage
  • Body and breathing exercises
  • Development of consciousness with essences


Transformative, Integrative Development of Consciousness
During the growth process you are returned to qualities and essences such as primal trust, joy, courage, compassion, trust and integrity, these can then be recovered and integrated into your life and expression of life.
Lost and forgotten soul components such as the light of the soul can be identified and allowed to settle in the here and now.

In this way we can return home to ourselves, entirely in our being and body with the feel of having a place in the universe and in the miracle of our body, with roots in the earth and head in the sky.

Psychic, Centering Body and Energy Work
Your whole body and energy system is given a deep and gentle work-out on the physical, emotional energy, mental  and spiritual levels.

The presence and techniques of Divine Alignment aim to restore the inner axis between heaven and earth.

Lost and forgotten soul components and energies can be re-integrated and aligned to flow naturally again.
The head, heart and hara are also realigned and the light of the soul re-anchored - that is our state of being of your own individual Divine Alignment.

The Way to Centering
We learn,

  • To return home to our heart and hara with clarity of mind and our own Divine Alignment
  • What it means and what it feels like to be centered
  • To recognise when and why we leave our center
  • How we can return to our center

And this is how the presence of Divine Alignment can be integrated into our daily life.
Programme overview