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Centering for Your Career and Everyday Life

Seminars and Coaching

The hara is the wellspring of life and found four finger breadths below the navel at the centre of your body. This is the home of the state of consciousness of One Being. This is where we can generate fresh energy and strength, gain primal trust and a clarity which is centered. We can emanate an authority which is anchored and credible, we can recharge with energy and learn to act from a state of calmness and relaxation.


In the incredibly fast, challenging times of today, these seminars provide practical help to strengthen and protect our inner centre the hara .... a useful and effective way of avoiding stress, burn-out and fatigue.
The pace of today and the resulting build-up of pressure often result in over-emotional, complex conflict situations - for individuals with themselves, but also in contact with others.

This is frequently because the head, heart and belly are not in tune with one another. This disharmony reminds us of how important it is to be centred, reminds us of the need to return to and enjoy a state of inner unity. From that state can then make contact with others and ourselves from a position of freshness and new strength.
This is particularly important for interaction which is constructive and for sharing and working with others.
If we feel we are in a pure state and centered, this has a positive effect on our life and our environment - at work, with the family and with friends.

The following qualities are fostered and supported:

  • Recharging in the inner center
  • Calmness
  • Strength and primal trust
  • Stability, natural authority
  • Clarity and determination from selflessness and the direct understanding of others
  • Avoidance of burnout, exhaustion and stress
  • Avoidance of complex conflicts and emotional retaliation by using clear and simple communication

These seminars can be extended if required or tailored to individual situations and wishes. Available as day seminars, two day seminars or as one-to-one and team coaching options.