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Meditation and Exercise Trainer


This training is for advanced meditators and DIVINE ALIGNMENT® practitioners.
DIVINE ALIGNMENT® meditations and Osho meditations are explained in detail and analysed.
We spend time gaining trust in our own existence, allowing and learning to express ourselves in narration, in explanation and presentation. We use video recordings to mirror ourselves, as this is the best way to learn. 

DIVINE ALIGNMENT® basis exercises are also taught during the course. Inner processes, (e.g. shyness, distrust, inner judgement...), which result from 'presentation' and having to stand in front of others, are analysed.

Dates and Prices

On request


Course Location

On request or at a place of your suggestion


Participation requirements

  • Seminar Meditation Camp   more...
  • Personal interview

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In loving acceptance and with the help of a few tools, such fears slowly melt away and participants develop and gain a healthy trust in themselves and their natural meditation teaching style.

  • DIVINE ALIGNMENT® and Osho meditation instruction, exercises are learned and taught to teach
  • Certification following supervision session(s)


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