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Ayurveda Wellness Days 2015

And the Art of Inner Centering


Ayurveda = The Science of Life

The combination of rejuvenating ayurveda and inner centering is a very special gift to yourself and also a chance to indulge in an exquisite, relaxing and powerful spring clean!
You learn to find ways to your own center, own deep-routed power and tranquillity, to become anchored there and at to be at home in yourself and allow your primal joy to flow as if from a spring. That is the best base from which to experience the purifying, detoxifying and energising, wellness-bringing effect of ayurveda:

  • Ayurvedische yoga massage
  • Snehana whole body massage
  • Face mask

As usual there is a new surprise in our wellness programme and of course morning exercises for yourself such as:

  • Yoga
  • Centering exercises
  • Inner processes
  • And meditations

to accompany us into a truly exciting spring!

I'm looking forward to being with you and to sharing my treasure with you!

Dates and Prices

on request

Course Location

on request - or at a place of your suggestion


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