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Connecting to and Anchoring in Existence

  • Transformative, integrative development of consciousness
  • Body and energy work
A weekend to return to your own inner center, to regain strength and clarity.
The head, heart and hara are brought back into alignment.
The hara is the wellspring of life found four finger breadths below the navel at the center of the body.
This is the home of the state of consciousness
of One Being.

Your centering line is re-established and re-aligned. Your whole system, your being is brought back into resonance on your inner axis on the psychic, emotional, energy, mental and spiritual levels.

At the same time you can regain primal trust in the earth and the universe, consciously creating a place for yourself here on this earth.

You take the first steps in understanding the spiritual body and energy work of DIVINE ALIGNMENT® in the form of exercises of Self Divine Alignment and meditations which are easy to integrate into everyday life.

DIVINE ALIGNMENT® Introduction is also the introductory seminar for the multi-part training in DIVINE ALIGNMENT® Body and Energy Work. The seminar is open to everyone.
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