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What could there be more than

To fly in your heaven

With rose petals


.............  Heaven above heaven
 .............  Above heaven

My body so small

Love so large



Freely-structured Performances

with Ma Prem Kamadevi's own poetry in the form of

  • Dervish dances and Ma Prem Kamadevi's own Sufi poems
  • Little Sufi Flowers
  1. Daisy Chain
  2. A Delicate Violet
  3. Little Honeysuckle Flower
  4. The Clown in Paradise
  5. "Hilarious" Angel, Old Witch, Old Tree...

Energy is good, energy is delightful,
energy is divine. When energy

is set free, creativity happens.
Energy brings intelligence, creativity,
sensibility; it brings all things beautiful.


The performances are created by Ma Prem Kamadevi M. S. Scheuffele to suit the occasion and can be booked.

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