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Curriculum Vitae

Kamadevi M. S. Scheuffele


Dance and Theatre

  • 3 years acting at the Ulm Theatre Academy
  • 3 years Biodrama (spiritual theatre, consciousness and transformation work) by Lorenzo Ostuni and Katriona Munthe in Esalen, California and Rome, Italy
  • Several dance directions (since childhood), ballet, step, jazz, modern dance, meditative dance forms, Chakra dance training...


Body and Energy Work

  • Esalen Massage
  • Polarity 2
  • Spiritual shamanic energy work
  • Zero Balancing 2
  • Hara Awareness Massage 2
  • Cranio 2
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Reiki 2
  • Crystal and precious stone energy work...



  • 8 years training in painting including teacher training and assistant position at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, India. Work with the Japanese painter Meera Hashimoto
  • Chinese calligraphy training with Master Qiu Zhen Ping
  • VisionQuest painting with Helen Macolm Neeb at the Esalen Institute, California
  • 2 years expression painting with Hannah Over
  • Vibrational paintings with J√∂rg Schaad
  • Painting techniques with the Russian artist "BEVA" Vasile Bedreaga


Meditation, Consciousness and Inner Process Work

  • 25 years of training and own experience in many deep inner processes, retreats and meditation methods (Esalen Institute, California; Pune, India Osho International Meditation Resort, Monestary Heiligkreuztal in Germany, Monestary San Giuseppe in Italy, Buddhist Peace Center in Frankfurt and other international meditation centres in a variety of countries)
  • Trainings and practising in various original methods of meditations, meditative therapy, Zen, Sufi, Oneness, christian prayer and spiritual healing, buddhist chanting, mantras & sutras & zikr chanting
  • From 2002 Diamond Logos Teacher in Training by Faisal Muquaddam and Yogananda Hugh Evans - essences work



  • Osho Meditation Teacher
  • Gestalt practice and dream work
  • Psychodrama
  • Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation...


  • Two years at the 'Osho Ko Hsuan School' international boarding school in Devon, England teaching Art, Expressive Arts, Theatre, Dance and Meditation.
  • Teaching the Art of Divine Alignment in painting, theatre work, and expressive arts through meditations from the heart and hara
  • In the form of Free Art, Sufi Art, Zen Art, Nature Art and Essence Art
  • Notably, teaching at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, India and also in Italy and Germany.


In own Praxis and Atelier in Ulm, Frauenstr. 50 in Germany:

  • Evening courses in Meditation and Centering
  • Individual sessions
  • Essence work
  • Discourses: " The Practices of the Mystics"- discourse about interreligious underst√§nding. Introduction of various meditative Methods of different Cultures and their cross points...
  • Seminars in Seminarhouse Morgenstern at Dipl. Psychotherapist Dr. Viktor Terpeluk in Allmendingen -Gr√∂tzingen, Germany
  • Discourses/Seminars in the protestant Church in Ludwigsfeld Neu-Ulm, Germany
  • Discourses in Crystal store "Duft und W√§rme" in Ulm
  • Individual sessions and Discourses/ Seminars with mothers, teachers, managers, emergency crews, sozial workers, highly sensitive children and their parents.
    - as well as in Art and expressive Arts and "Ausdrucks painting".